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FloorNZ Best Practice Guidelines for Planning and Installation of Resilient Floor Coverings

The development of the guidelines is a first for Floor NZ. They are an online document that can be updated as needed.

Click on the button below to view (also available from the homepage under the Technical tab):

The Best Practice Guidelines for Resilient Floor Coverings Planning and Installation set out industry recognised methods for planning and installation that supports retail, supplier, installers and apprentice/retail training. The purpose is to make available flooring information for everyday flooring practices that are collectively supported by the flooring industry via the Floor NZ website. Where further information is needed a link with further direction is included. The information provided are guidelines for best practice and do not replace or are a substitute for Industry Standards, Government or local Legislative Acts, Codes or Manufacturer recommendations.

The Floor NZ board would like to acknowledge the support and valuable contribution of the sponsors for this project, all listed in the guidelines. Guidelines for carpet are in the final development stage. To follow will be Timber/finishing/loose-lay floating floor coverings.

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