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Health & Safety Manual

Do you need a Health and Safety Manual!

FloorNZ have developed a Health and Safety Manual for the Flooring Industry. The Manual has been developed to provide guidance on the requirements under the new Health and Safety at Work Act. It is designed to complement any existing health and safety policies you currently have and outlines the obligations of Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) and workers.

The manual contains forms you can use to record your health and safety information with examples on how they should be completed. While these forms have been designed to reflect the requirements of the Flooring Industry you will still need to contextualise them for your specific workplace. To enable you to do this the forms have been provided as word documents on the datastick that accompanies the manual.

The manual can be purchased as either a hard copy version in a binder with the datastick or as an e-book version for use on a tablet or computer. FloorNZ has also partnered with Clockit to develop a hazard analysis register that is available as a phone application linked to the Clockit booking system. This provides an easy method of updating your hazard register every time you go on a job using your phone. For further information on this system visit the Clockit website.

FloorNZ will provide the manual to members for $100 + GST and to non-members for $120 + GST. To order your manual please email the following information to

 Name
 Address
 Contact phone number
 Hard copy or e-book version
 Membership number (if a member)
 If you wish to become a FloorNZ member you can find more information about membership, the fees, and you can ‘apply now’ here.

You will be sent an invoice and upon payment will be sent the manual in the format requested to the address listed in your email. As the health and safety guidelines are likely to be amended over time, FloorNZ will provide updates to the manual if a significant change occurs. These will be provided as specific page replacements for you to replace and insert in your manual. These will be provided free to members as part of their membership renewal and at a small cost to non-members.

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