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eInvoicing is the next step for business

Over the coming months and beyond the Government is rolling out a new way of invoicing that will unlock huge benefits for business and the economy.  

It’s called eInvoicing and it’s available to all businesses. It’s not turning an invoice into a PDF – which most cloud software does. Instead, it’s the digital exchange of invoice information between any two finance systems, making doing business smoother, faster and safer.

With no human handling or data entry required, it can reduce admin, errors and delays – and help speed up processing and payment, to improve business cash flow.

Enabling eInvoicing through your software may be a few simple steps and for most businesses is free or low cost.

More than 3500 businesses have registered for eInvoicing and the more that are eInvoice-enabled, the more they, and the economy, will benefit from its speed, accuracy and savings.

Let your business take the next step. You’ll find all you need get started, right here.

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