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How to get back to business following the COVID-19 lockdown – Free Webinars

Manage Group have scheduled three webinars on 15, 16 & 17 April with a tailored approach for the specific audience

Manage Group have been and continue to be asked whether they can share insights into the “what’s next” and “how do we manage starting work again”.  This literally focuses on how we can protect the business, save money (i.e. ACC) and “ok, we are now back on Level 3 and what can we expect work wise…”.  Working environments will be massively disrupted for several months or longer and this has significant implications for employers.  

On Monday 6th they ran a webinar with CCNZ which had 80 people linked in.  Feedback was very positive.

Three webinars are scheduled for this coming week as per the below. It is the same content with a tailored approach for the specific audience. These webinars are free and a lot of resources are shared including a Virus Proofing Template. This is used extensively with their clients and it is a very functional document for businesses to plan for moving to level 3 and level 2. For the construction industry the planning is aligned to the standards and protocols that are currently being rolled out.

Tradie Focus 15 April 11am

Transport Focus 16 April 9am

General Focus 17 April 2pm

If you have any questions you can contact Martin (Managing Director) directly. He can be contacted on 021 322 286 or

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